Ever thought how would it feel when you are proposed with a ring while you are within the ring? No, it’s not a tongue twister. The world which is filled with violence and fights of all kinds showed a completely opposite side of it, which is truly emotional and touching. This is probably one of the loveliest WWE News, where Paige proposes to boyfriend Alberto Del Rio in the ring. What happened exactly, here we have the story!

Those who don’t know about this couple here is a quick brief. Alberto Del Rio has been having strange phase as a wrestling free agent. Paige, the WWE superstar who is currently suspended, is his girlfriend. In August, Rio and Paige got dual suspensions as they violated company’s wellness policy for 30 days each.

Del Rio also performs under the name Alberto el Patrón, have been rumored to signing with TNA wrestling. But the rumors were eclipsed with the incident of Del Rio being stabbed before he was about to appear on a wrestling card in Mexico.

In early September when the suspension period was about to get over, it was heard that Paige had quit the company. Then again, there was another WWE News informing that she didn’t resign but was recently suspended again and this time the period for 60 days, for profaning the company’s wellness policy a second time, reported Fox Sports .  Despite being counted as one of the talented WWE stars, Paige’s future is uncertain.

The fresh twist about the duo appeared when Paige proposed to Del Rio nowhere else but in a wrestling ring after a match in Puerto Rico. Well, let us give you another surprise, as far as Del Rio is concerned, he is apparently still legally married.

Watch the Historic Moment Here:

With Del Rio being still in wedlock, is there any new drama going to happen? What fresh turns one would see in their lives, with Paige proposing to Alberto Del Rio in the ring, only time will reveal! For more WWE News stay tuned!