For the latest update on WWE News, it was announced that Goldberg is set to return to the WWE. Goldberg revealed that he wants to have a comeback at the age of 49 on Monday, October 10. Along with his comeback is his confirmed match with Brock Lesnar.

In a report by Bleacher Report, Goldberg was last seen on the show at WrestleMania XX back in 2004 on a match with Lesnar. It was kind of a memorable last match since both competitors that time were rumored to be out of the organization, and the crowd rejected the match by booing them both.

After that incident, Goldberg chose not to renew his contract with Wrestle Inc and left the company. When he was offered a deal with 2K Sports to be the cover athlete for WWE 2K17, it set the doors open for his comeback.

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In an interview with The Gamers Drop, Paul Heyman made an appearance on WWE Raw 2016 last Monday and made a huge challenge for Goldberg. The huge challenge is a rematch with Lesnar.

“I would be remiss in saying that I don’t owe Brock Lesnar a rematch,” Goldberg revealed in the interview. He also shared that if he’s to return to the show, it would be that match with Lesnar. He will definitely work hard and get ready for the match.

Goldberg added, “Brock is like a superhero alien. Big, strong, fast and mean.” With his interview and being one of the faces of the WWE 2K17, wrestling fans are going crazy and can’t stop the speculations for his comeback at Wrestlemania 33.

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Meanwhile, after Heyman’s challenged at the WWE Raw 2016, Goldberg made a buzz around the Internet. He recently posted on Twitter that he booked a flight for next week to answer Heyman’s challenge.

It says, “ Booking my flight to answer that big mouth @HeymanHustle’s challenge next week in person on #MondayNightRaw #WhosNext? #seeyathere @WWE”

The big mouth of Heyman made the WWE star push through with his return!

Stay tuned for more updates!