• The biggest WWE News of 2016! Goldberg is Back!

As the year reaching fag end, the world of WWE is gearing up with loads of surprises. Now it is buzzing with Goldberg comeback which has sent the fans crazy.

Goldberg was missing from the squared-circle for almost 12 years. After this hiatus, he made his victorious comeback WWE Raw on Monday. As expected, though the wait was long, but his huge popularity among fans gave the former WCW heavyweight champion a grand reception. He was welcomed as his excited aficionados filled the ambiance with chants of “Gold-berg! Gold-berg!” Especially the atmosphere started picking momentum once he accepted a challenge to fight Brock Lesnar, the present WWE superstar. Needless to say, the entire episode was charged up.

Addressing his devoted followers, Goldberg said, “I thought to myself, ‘Maybe, I have one more ass-kicking left in me.’ I thought to myself, ‘Maybe, I have one badass spear left in me.’ Then I thought to myself, ‘Maybe, I have one last devastating jackhammer in me.”

He pumped in some more energy among the crowd by saying a few more words. “So, Brock Lesnar, not only does that mean that you’re next … but most importantly, it means, Brock Lesnar, you’re last,” added Goldberg.

Watch What is Goldberg’s Answer for  Brock Lesnar and Heyman Hustle:


The web saw a thumping response from Goldberg’s fans as they went crazy sharing their views. One Twitter user Rajat Verma said: “OHHHH MYYYY GAAWWD @GOLDBERG IS BACK IN THE @WWE RING AFTER 12 LONG YEARS..ITS LIKE DREAM COME TRUE”

Similarly, another user called Drew Galloway posted: “Not many moments like that left in wrestling. Won’t be sleeping for a few hours now, real/ emotional & I want to see the match now #Goldberg.”

As of now, the date has not been fixed yet for the match. However, most probably it will go down as the prime event of Survivor Series which is slated for Nov. 20, reports CBS Sports

How the WWE world is going to witness when the former champion and the current one will be seen in a face off.  As of now, this little piece of WWE News is enough for Goldberg’s fans to make whoopee. His banging  comeback has already driven the fans nuts, will the excitement sustain till we see the match? Share your views here.