WWE Hell in a Cell 2015: Kane vs Seth Rollins Confirmed


One of the most badass events of all time has been announced by Stephanie Mcmahon on Monday Night Raw. The Big Red monster Kane will fight the undisputed World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins in a “Hell in a Cell” match on Oct 25, as per Bleacher Report.

There are several items on the line for the match — if Rollins loses, he will lose his golden title; however, if Kane drops to defeat, it will cost him his director of operations position with WWE.


The challenge seems to be a paramount battle for both the contenders as each one would lose the most precious asset that they hold respectively in the WWE at present.

Seth Rollins had successfully secured his title after fighting Sting in a nerve racking combat at the WWE Night of the Champions, while he lost the prior fight with John Cena in the same event.

As far as Kane is concerned, it is quite obvious that he hasn’t stepped into his wrestling shoes and monster attire for years now, and Rollins is quite a tough nut to crack in regards to his youth and fresh proximity towards the ring.

Despite of the fact that the “Hell in a Cell” feud between the two monsters seems to be pretty badass, it also reflects the well known truth that both contenders are not equally equipped in terms of stamina, endurance and strategies.

While Kane is left with a Do-or-Die situation to retain his prestigious position in the WWE, he might as well comeback as a furious masked red monster seeking revenge. Whether the mighty powerbombs, chokeslams and tombstones he had used to annihilate his opponents in his glory days would still create the same impact will be unanswered until the match takes place.

On the other hand, the opponent Seth Rollins is in exuberant form and has been successful to defeat most of his opponents with his nasty submission locks and bone thrashing grapple-dives. He will possibly leave no stone unturned to defend his precious Heavyweight tag.

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