WWE Battleground 2015: John Cena Loses to Kevin Owens; Cesaro Joins Match [Predictions]

If there’s one match wrestling fans are waiting to see this weekend at WWE Battleground 2015, it’s John Cena vs Kevin Owens. Who will the WWE United States Championship belt? It’s Owens says sources.

Everything has been leading up to Cena and Owens’ final match on Sunday, as they face each other for the third, and possibly final, time at the WWE pay-per-view event. In their last two matches the belt has jumped from one owner to the other, and on WWE Battlground 2015 the final holder could be announced.

Cena’s time is up, Bleacher Report’s Ryan Dilbert thinks so. While the wrestler has made good of the belt during his US Champ tenure, the writer thinks all the past events have been setting up for an Owens win.

“For one, WWE has made sure to keep Owens looking strong despite his loss to Cena last time around. The focus that night wasn’t on Cena’s victory as much as it was on Owens laying out the champ after the bell,” the writer explained.

Then there was Finn Balor winning the NXT title, making Owens available to transfer to the main roster.

Another Bleacher Report article agrees that Owens should walk out the champ, adding that WWE needs a new superstar and the wrestler may just be what the company needs.

“The hope is that Triple H and Vince McMahon can agree that Owens’ future would be brighter by defeating Cena in this feud and taking the United States Championship,” the article wrote.

Both articles don’t expect the feud to continue on SummerSlam 2015, although FanSided thinks Cesaro can be added to the mix and “make it a lot easier for WWE”.

“After putting on yet another fantastic in-ring performance, he could be the one that eats the pin from Owens. Owens keeps his heat and gets the title, Cesaro still looks like a million bucks and Cena doesn’t get pinned for his belt — everyone really wins in some form or fashion in the end,” the site explained.

While all these are just predictions and rumors, it’s good to keep fans guessing until WWE Battleground 2015 comes to an end on weekend.

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