The “WWE 2K17” roster of playable characters was finally confirmed to include WWE Superstars Bill Goldberg and John Cena.

The release date of the said game remains unclear since 2K Sports has not yet confirmed when this game would be officially launched.

While waiting for its final schedule of release, what fans know about the new game are the predicted roster to join “WWE 2K17” and what could be expected from this game after the successful video game franchise “WWE 2K16.”

According to WW 2K17 News, a list of predicted stars to join the upcoming game has been released. In fact, they have compiled possible WWE Superstars who are sought to be included in “WWE 2K17.”

There was also a YouTube video showing the list. Click here to see the video. Here are some of the athletes from the roster. Take note that there are more than a hundred more. 

Adam Rose

Aiden English

AJ Styles

Alberto Del Rio

Alexa Bliss

Alicia Fox

Andre The Giant

Apollo Crews


Austin Aries

Baron Corbni

Bash Wilder


Becky Lynch

Big Boss Man

Big Cass

Big E

Big Show


Bo Dallas

Booker T

Barun Strowman

Bray Wyatt

Bret Hart

Brie Bella

British Bulldog

Brock Lesnar

Bubba Ray Dudley



Chad Gable


Chris Jericho


Curtis Alex

Dana Brooke

Daniel Bryan

Dash Wilder

Dean Ambrose

Doc Gallows

Dolph Ziggler

Donald Trump

Dusty Rhodes

Eddie Guerrero



Enzo Amore

Erick Rowan

Eva Marie

Finn Balor

And more!

There are more than a hundred WWE Superstars that might possibly join “WWE 2K17” including Bill Goldberg and John Cena.

WWE 2K17 News previously mentioned that aside from these two big wrestling superstars, fans could also expect Kenny King, Low Ki and TJ Perkins.

King, Ki and Perkins already confirmed the rumor on joining the gameplay. For now, fans continue searching for confirmation if John Cena and Bill Goldberg would also join.

Though they have been listed in the most predicted rosters for “WWE 2K17,” the two remain silent at the moment regarding the issue.

One of the semi-retired superstar fans asked Goldberg through his official Twitter account whether or not he would be joining.

He did not respond to the tweet and did not confirm about it. Surprisingly, 2K Sports released a “WWE 2K17” trailer, which featured Goldberg himself.

Meanwhile, News Everyday cited that some of the WWE superstars like Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose have started their scans. The two got themselves re-scanned for improved graphics.

“WWE 2K17” gameplay would arrive in different consoles, both old and new-generation. The game can be played in PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Pre-orders have been confirmed to be available.


Watch the WWE 2K17 pre-order trailer below!