WWE 2K17 ‘Old’ Goldberg vs Lesnar Fight Update: ‘I’m an old man’


WWE 2K17 might become one of the much-awaited fights of the season if Bill Goldberg returns and faces Brock Lesnar off in the ring.

Goldberg, in a conversation with host Jonathan Coachman on ESPN’s “Off the Top Rope” interview, did not commit to his return to the WWE ring. However, his presence seems to indicate his plans of returning to the sports entertainment industry. In the Sportscenter segment of the show, he indicated his face off with Brock Lesnar.

It is believed that WWE CEO Vince McMahon is either no longer interested in developing young wrestling stars or he is not getting any. This is considered as the reason behind planning the return of veteran wrestling superstars. WWE, according to media reports, is not only planning to bring Goldberg back but similar speculations have been made regarding the comeback of The Undertaker, Hardy brothers and others.

In the interview, when Goldberg was asked if he would return to the ring soon, he did not reply in a firm no. “I’ve been preparing to answer that question for 12 years,” he said as quoted by Maxim. “Look at me, Coach. I’m an old man here. I’m 49 years old. A guy like Ric Flair at 49 can go out and do his character. A guy at 49 to go out and do Goldberg again? I don’t know what the odds are.”

Whether the wrestler will confirm his comeback or not, Dave Meltzer still insists on the return of Goldberg and the upcoming “Survivor Series” main event between him and Lesnar.

Goldberg retired from the ring 12 years ago. He raised doubt over his capabilities at this age and asked if he had “the ability to be that guy again.”

Fans are waiting to see their superstar in the ring soon facing off another WWE legend, namely, Lesnar.

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