‘WWE 2K16’ Complete Roster List; New Trailer Preview Shows Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins

2K Sports has just released a new list of wrestlers that will be joining the “WWE 2K16” roster — the biggest list of playable characters in the franchise’s history.

The game developers have already confirmed that this year’s version of the WWE simulation video game will have the “largest roster ever” with 120 unique playable characters. Several reports have also made their way online, including rumors that Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels will be featured in the game. Others also believe Jim Neidhart and Boogeyman will be playable in “2K16”.

While 2K has not revealed much about the past WWE or WWF superstars who will be included in the roster, it has confirmed though that the game will feature both past and present wrestlers. released a list of the wrestlers joining the biggest in-game roster ever. The complete list, as of Aug 25:

•Bad News Barrett

•Booker T

•Colonel Mustafa

•Daniel Bryan


•Eva Marie

•Finn Bálor

•General Adnan

•John Cena



•Lord Steven Regal


•Seth Rollins

•Sin Cara

•”Stone Cold” Steve Austin

•Summer Rae


•Triple H

•Adam Rose

•Bo Dallas

•Brie Bella

•Brock Lesnar


•Heath Slater

•Hideo Itami

•Jack Swagger

•Kevin Owens


•Nikki Bella

•Ric Flair

•Roman Reigns

•Sami Zayn



•Tyler Breeze

•Ultimate Warrior

•Zack Ryder

•Alicia Fox

•Bam Bam Bigelow

•Big Show



•Darren Young

•Diamond Dallas Page

•Dolph Ziggler

•Fit Finlay

•Kevin Nash


•Lex Luger

•The Miz


•Randy Orton


•Titus O’Neil

•Tyson Kidd

Aside from the roster, several new in-game videos, previews and trailers have made their way online. With just a few weeks away from the release, it seems 2K is giving avid gamers and youtube stars a chance at playing the game even before everyone else gets their hands on the game.

Check out the gameplay video of Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins on “WWE 2K16”.

“WWE 2K16” will drop in stores on October 27.

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