There are speculations about the return of The Undertaker to the ring to face John Cena very soon. If this happens, it would be a dream come true for WWE fans.

With his evil appearance, the superstar of the sports industry will give the WWE a chance to grab the same level of recognition as it used to hold previously. Undoubtedly, there are many gems emerging in the field of WWE but the veterans can never be forgotten. Among the most missed is The Undertaker.

According to media reports, a match between the dead man and John Cena could be organized soon after the former’s comeback. This comes following the cancellation of the alleged wrestling battle between the two scheduled to be held earlier in 2016. The match did not take place because of Cena’s injuries. Hence, it is believed that the match would be arranged once both of them are ready to face each other.

Where WWE CEO Vince McMahon is expected to schedule a match between Cena and The Undertaker, Jeff Hardy’s return enhances possibilities of a Wrestlemania 33 battle between Hardy and the dead man. Whatever the case may be, it is expected that The Undertaker would be there in the final match with whoever qualifies for the same.

The contract of Hardy is all set to lapse in February, and once again, the wrestler’s fate will be at stake. In that scenario, a match with the dead man could be of great help. This will help him come to the attention of audiences who can do wonders in deciding the fate of the players.

According to The Latin Post, Undertaker maintained the undefeated championship until Brock Lesner broke his record by winning the title. He was last seen battling Shane McMohan in Wrestlemania 32 and is again expected to return for the next season.