Good news for bacon lovers! Although the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that bacon is a carcinogenic and could cause health concerns, the World’s Oldest Person claims she eats bacon every single day of her life.

WHO reported that bacon and other processed meat have close links with cancer. Processed meat was included in the group 1 carcinogens alongside alcohol and tobacco. But it looks like they did not find out what the world’s oldest person is eating, which may hint that bacon isn’t really bad for the health.

American Susannah Mushatt Jones, who was recognized as the World’s Oldest Person this year, revealed that she eats bacon for breakfast everyday, as mentioned on The Independent.

Her daily breakfast meal is composed of bacon, eggs and boiled ground corn, known as grits. Metro noted that Jones munches on four bacon rashers each day. She admitted, however, that she combines her meal “with lots of sleep.”

When she celebrated her 106th birthday, The Independent mentioned that the New York City Housing Authority as well as New York mayor Michael Bloomberg “paid tribute to her.” Bloomberg even made a “good health and great happiness” wish for Ms. Jones.

The 116-year-old woman, born in July 1899 near Montgomery, Alabama, is also known as “T” (short for auntie) to her 100 nephews and nieces. She was declared by the Guiness World of Records as the oldest person in the World in July 2015.

With her revelation of eating bacon daily, Twitter users decided to stump WHO’s report.

Aside from eating bacon everyday, Jones also shared what has helped her live longer than everybody else. She said, “I never drink or smoke. I surround myself with love and positive energy. That’s the key to long life and happiness.”

Although she’s already blind and has a hard time hearing, Jones only takes two kinds of medicines daily and she is not confined within her bed.

According to The Independent, if Jones would live another 6 years, she will be able to beat a French woman named Jeanne Calment who lived for 122 years and 164 days.