World’s Largest Slip n’ Slide Opens in Australia; 300-meter Slide the City Comes to 6 Cities


Adventure is probably one of the most beautiful drugs anyone can be intoxicated with. The greatest advantage of such an addiction is that it is totally harmless to health apart from a few life-threatening risks.

One of such insane adventures is about to take place soon in Australia. Adventure sport organizers ‘Slide the City’ has announced a Slip N Slide event in January 2016.

This event will feature a 300-metre water slide that will make stops across the country, covering six major cities, from Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, according to 2dayfm.

This is said to be the best ‘Slip N Slide’ event to occur on earth till date with its extravagant features. According to the official website of ‘Slide in the City’, the water festival will also include live music throughout the event with food and drinks too.

So far, Adelaide, Wollongong and Newcastle are highlighted as “Coming Soon” on the site, possibly to accelerate the curiosity of the audience.

The website posted the dates of the initial events which would be held on January 15, 16 and 17 respectively, and the tickets are sold for $35 for all those who want to book entrances for the water bonanza.

The audience can even partcipate actively by bringing their personal buckets, floaties and water guns in order to enjoy a personally customized experience while lounging around on water-drenched vinyl sheets with family and friends .

Here’s what to expect on this water slide event happening next year:


After the event in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, the next venues would be Wollogong , Newcastle and Adelaide and possibly Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast as mentioned by Buzzfeed.

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