After the 2015 installation of Tropfest was cancelled due to “financial problems,” the world’s largest short film festival is given a last minute resuscitation and will be held at the Sydney’s Centennial Park on Valentine’s Day.

Tropfest 2015 was cancelled when suppliers and contractors experienced payment delays. According to festival founder John Polson, the festival’s managing director Michael Laverty had mismanaged the funds. Incidentally, Laverty is also a partner for the festival. After the fiasco, however, fans and artists raised awareness about the festival’s cancellation on social media. John Polson subsequently set up a crowdfunding initiative to bring back the festival.

The “resurrection” of Tropfest owes itself to a fresh round of funding from CGU Insurance. Thanks to this new lease in funds, Tropfest will be back to delight the 150,000-strong audience in Australia.

The festival, which saw its inception in 1993, finds its value in giving a platform for aspiring filmmakers to hone their craft. Aspiring filmmaker Beth Cappellazzo shared her thoughts with the International Business Times on why the Tropfest is relevant to her and her colleagues:

“Tropfest is an important platform for emerging filmmakers to screen their short films to a huge audience. It allows them to get their work and name out there, and it can open doors for more opportunities. The biggest film festivals […] such as Sundance and Cannes have the best of the best entering their films and competing to be selected, which can make them difficult for an emerging filmmaker with no budget to compete, so film festivals like Tropfest are a good training ground for emerging filmmakers to learn, develop their skills and collaborate with others.”

Tropfest will also be broadcast on SBS 2 on February 14, 2016.

With the latest edition of the Tropfest happening this Valentine’s weekend, founder John Polson calls the milestone “the comeback story of the decade.”