It’s official! Australia is now recognized as the country with the best steak in the world.

The first ever  World Steak Challenge was held in Hyde Park, London with ten countries from around the globe participating in the competition. A total of seventy succulent, delish steaks from various companies accepted the challenge.

ABC News reports that out of the 11 steaks who were awarded with gold medals, four steaks were from Australia. A wagyu steak from Australian beef company Jack’s Creek won the overall challenge and has emerged as the World’s Best Steak.

The company’s Managing Director Patrick Warmoll said that given the kind of challenge, winning the title was a surprise for him. ABC News quoted Warmold saying, “I was shocked to be honest, I think one of us spilled a glass of wine, we were just ecstatic.”

The winning steak was bred on Australia’s Willow Tree Farm by the same company. It was entered in the competition by their European Importer, Albers GMBH from Dusseldorf, Germany.

As mentioned on the World Steak Challenge website, Albers said, “It has been quite a journey and is the culmination of 15 years seeking steak perfection. The steak we entered was quite unique. Our wagyu contains just the right amount of marbling and is very heat resistant which helps when cooking.”

The strip of sirloin steak entered in the competition was reported to come from a 30-months old beef cattle which has been grain-fed for 450 days.

The ABC News also notes that the wagyu steak was judged both raw and cooked. The judges had commented, according to Warmoll, that its marbling feature was the key in winning the competition.

Warmoll also added, “the judges said there was very even fat cover, the marbling was fine and it was a nice cobweb and nice pinkish meat color.”

When it was cooked, Warmoll notes that the judges’ main comment was that upon tasting the piece of beef, they already knew it was the winner.

The organizers of the World Steak Challenge were satisfied and elated because of the competition’s success. They are encouraging more companies to join the challenge next year.