Russia President Vladimir Putin has allegedly ordered his military troops to start preparing for World War 3 by commencing large scale operation throughout the nation.

He has asked his army, navy, and airforce officers to operate across the Central, South and West districts of the country. The defense ministry has confirmed that the president has ordered military exercises to be conducted also on land along with the Black ad Caspian Sea. The drills in the said districts started in the morning on Thursday with a combat alert.

Putin’s take has come following the massive training exercise conducted by NATO in the Balkan region gathering on the Russian border. The operation included around 2,000 troops across 14 nations. The recent military operations took place just following a week after the nation announced that it used Iranian base for bombardment in Syria. Though the announcement prompted to the withdrawal of Russia’s air base in Iran, its moves have led to the demand of enhanced military exercises across the nation.

Putin has also been in the news last week for blaming Ukraine for using its military resources for sabotaging Crimea, which is already annexed by Russia. Georgia, invaded by Russia in 2008, has also been witnessing receipt of military equipment from the international army.

Russia’s Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sikoc claimed that World War 3 military operations being conducted by the nation are the result of increasing global tensions. “The intensity of combat training of our army is growing the past three years – this is due, above all, the military tension in the world,” he said as quoted by Express UK.

“So, today, Turkey entered the war in Syria, the United States built up a group at our borders, and our military leaders take the appropriate steps.”

Kremlin colonel Leonid Ivashov said that these military exercises are the most large-scale preparations in the last 1.5 years. He added that the country’s security is under specific threat, which can only be protected if army resources are used properly.