World War 3 seems all set to be launched soon if US Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wins the US presidential elections 2016.

Clinton thinks that America is an “exceptional” and “indispensable” nation that does not have to rely on other countries for resources and assistance. Such thought indicates her underestimation of the rest of the world. As a result, it becomes very natural for her to choose war if it appears to be the easiest way to establish peace in the nation.

Hence, it is being predicted that if Clinton wins the election 2016 scheduled to be held on November 8, it would mean war among nations. According to media reports, if the wife of ex-President Bill Clinton finds that war with Russia and China are the easiest ways to establish freedom, dignity, justice and civilization, she will opt for it.

A hint of arrogance is pervasive when Clinton considers the United States as a competitive nation. She seems to follow what former Democrat Secretary of State Dean Acheson believes. He mentioned on his personal analysis that the “United States is the locomotive of mankind and the rest of the world the caboose.”

Clinton’s pride might prove to be disastrous for the rest of the world if she ordered the US army to conduct warfare against other nations of the world after becoming the president. Her views relating to underestimation of other nations were unveiled in a speech that she delivered on August 31, 2016 while addressing the American Legion.

In her speech, the US Democrat presidential candidate said that the people looked up to America and “follow our lead.” She added that when the nation fails to provide any lead to other nations, a vacuum is created that prompts chaos. According to Clinton’s views, it is necessary for the US to conquer the world to ensure no chaos is created.

Based on her speech, The Washington Times stated that Clinton would prefer Mars, the God of War, over Minerva, the Goddess of Wisdom. Hence, World War 3 is likely to take place if Clinton becomes the next US president.