A retired NATO official has warned the United States, Europe and Canada to remain alert as Russia seems to have already prepared for World War 3.

NATO General Philip Breedlove said that the conflict might emerge as early as 2017. He noted the superiority of Russia in terms of its military enhancements, including its naval and air base over the Atlantic. Hence, he has asked all other nations in trouble to keep on trying to set up a strong military base. The supreme allied commander said that Europe might find itself helpless if Russia attacked the nation.

The battle between Russia and NATO because of Crimea and Syria issues can commence any time. In addition, China versus the United States in the South China Sea and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s launch of nuclear weapons from time to time have added to the possibility of the Third Worlds War commencement soon. Russia keeps on threatening nations because of its enhanced military technology that is difficult for others to match.

“The unobstructed crossing of the Atlantic to fight a war on the land mass in Europe, I think, is a thing of the past,” the general said.

The general also warned NATO and asked it to better the intelligence operations that it implements from time to time. This might help in the prevention of World War 3 that is being predicted to break out very soon. According to Breedlove, Russia has grown really aggressive in the past five years. Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted himself that “the Russian army is polite but menacing. Impossible to defeat her.”

The Daily Star stated that Russia has become a firm opponent of the US and NATO while grabbing land aggressively. “I think, in a time and space of their choosing, they [Russia] can make things very tough for us, and we need to be able to ensure our ability to operate in those commons,” the general said.