While Russia and the United States seemed to have had a peaceful talk in mending the relations, the former has indicated that its target has shifted to European borders.

With US President-elect Donald Trump making efforts to make the nation’s relationship with Russia better while finalizing talks with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, it seemed that the chances of the Third World War were diminishing. However, Russia has proven that it won’t stay quiet.

It has become one of the most efficient nations in terms of military resources. This is what made it believe that it is difficult for any powerful nation to defeat it in any conflict that occurs in the future. With NATO members forwarding into Baltic territory, it is understandable for Russia not to regret the movement of nuclear-enabled missiles to European borders.

Russia’s reason for deployment of nuclear exercises – Is it for World War 3?

Putin acknowledged his nation’s role in deploying nuclear military resources in Poland-Lithunia exclave Kaliningrad. Putin criticized NATO’s entrance to the Baltic region and said that it was necessary for Russia to have countermeasures ready. The president claimed that proper positioning of weapons will make sure the nation is ready to face potential threats coming from any part of the world.

Meanwhile, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov described the deployment of military troops as a “logical response” against the “hostile West”. “Russia is doing everything necessary to ensure its security in the face of expansion by NATO towards its borders,” he said. He added that the nation is concerned about its safety only after observing NATO’s troops nearing Russian border with a US shield covering it across.

Where Russia seems to defend itself on conducting military exercises against Europe, NATO members raise concerns over Russia’s aggressive take against the members. The members find these exercises disturbing for all parties involved or connected directly or indirectly. According to Headlines and Global News, NATO states that such launch of military weapons will only hamper the relationship between them. It wants Russia to clear confusion on what exactly it wanted – peace or World War 3.

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