World War 3 speculations were sparked once again when US presidential election 2016 results came in doubt.

Many constituencies in the United States have demanded for the recounting of votes of the 2016 US presidential elections, doubting the victory of President-elect Donald Trump. What came as a surprise is the suspicion of the involvement of Russian state actors in tampering with the data. Several questions arose with the doubts over Russia, including the motive behind the nation’s support of Trump for the presidential position in the US.

Russia has been in search of chances to attack the US, and the nation supporting a leader would only mean it is someone who fuels the flames of conflict. However, on the contrary, Trump has emerged as someone who is trying to mend the US-Russia relationship, with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s views still unclear on whether he would support him or continue to have a bitter relationship with America.

What computer experts have to say about Russia’s involvement in World War 3

While Russia’s image is in danger following the rumors of its involvement in the tampering of US data, experts have revealed that they have not found any clues of Russia’s involvement in the matter. Computer science experts have claimed that they have audited the votes and they have come to the conclusion that there has been no tampering with the data by the Russians.

Senior computer scientist Jeremy J Epstein mentioned Green party candidate Jill Stein, who called for the recounting of the votes in Wisconsin. The campaign also grabbed support from US presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. “The Stein folks have somewhat hijacked the message, but I’m not worried,” Epstein said as quoted by The Guardian. “In fact, the goal of an audit is to verify [emphasis his] that the result was as originally reported.”

Meanwhile, according to RT, the White House released a statement in which it confirmed that the result of the US presidential election is the voice of America and the will of Americans. Expert claims have shown that World War 3 between the two superpowers – the US and Russia – might take a peaceful turn if Trump and Putin work together in mending the relations.

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