Russia has again been noticed making preparations for World War 3, thus giving western powers an opportunity to raise their voices against the nation’s aggressive attitude.

Security agencies have found President Vladimir Putin preparing the nation for another nuclear war against the West. He reportedly invested a huge amount in buying top-secret nuclear weapons and bunkers. The nation has been alleged of ordering a 400-square mile facility drill into the Ural Mountains’ secluded region. This will be the place from where Russia would give directions relating to the conflict.

Where security agencies and Western nations believe that Russia has been preparing for World War 3 for a long time, the nation has claimed that the drills are nothing but a simple exercise to remain prepared for nuclear wars in case they are called anytime. The nation said that the exercises are being conducted as a response to the fear caused by the NATO build-up on its western border, which seems to indicate an invasion of the nations located on the same European border. This, as a result, enhances the global tension across the region.

The exercises have been revealed through satellite images of new centers close to Mount Yamantau. The announcement made by Russia on the development of Satan-2, the most powerful nuclear weapon in the world, is yet another reason that supports the nation’s preparations for the Third World War. According to reports, the nuclear weapon will have the capacity to destroy an area of a size equivalent to that of France.

US think tank Lexington Institute’s top defence expert Loren Thompson told The National Interest that the chances of nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union are increasing gradually. “And the place where it is most likely to begin is in a future military confrontation over three small Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania,” he said as quoted by Express UK.

“History may one day record that the greatest strategic blunder in history was the failure of U.S. leaders to take the possibility of nuclear war between America and Russia seriously once the Cold War ended.”