The United States has claimed that Russia might launch a nuclear attack against NATO very soon, leading to World War 3.

World war issues are taking a nasty turn these days, but among everyone, Russia seems most willing to attack its rival nations and establish itself as a superpower. As a result, President Vladimir Putin’s nation is now being considered as equally threatening as North Korea under the leadership of Kim Jong-un.

US Defense Secretary Ash Carter issued the warning asking the western powers to work on strengthening their military powers. He asked them to “refresh their nuclear playbook.”

“It is a sobering fact that the most likely use of nuclear weapons today is not the massive ‘nuclear exchange’ of the classic Cold War type, but rather the unwise resorting to smaller but still unprecedentedly terrible attacks, for example by Russia or North Korea,” Carter said.

“We cannot allow that to happen, which is why we’re working with our allies in both regions to innovate and operate in new ways that sustain deterrence and continue to preserve strategic stability.”

The US military chief said that nations might not match up to the Russian military attacks on the US and allies but if the attack used nuclear weapons, it will be handled with “an overwhelming and effective response.”

The defense secretary has issued the warning while he was on his visit to the Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota. This is where the United States preserves its strategic nuclear weapons. Carter has asked NATO to plan relevant counterattacks and train people in a way that they could fight the Russian base.

The construction of new nuclear weapons systems has made Russia’s ability a matter of concern. According to the Daily Star Online, the “commitment to strategic stability” of the Russian leaders has been questioned seeing the hidden preparation for World War 3.