Following the United States’ World War 3 threat with the nation’s deployment of a new missile system, Russia has launched its new missile, The Topol, which is the fastest in the world.

Russia initiated the missile from a submarine in the Barents Sea off the Russian coast on Wednesday. The launch of the fastest missile in the world has come following a series of ballistic tests conducted by the nation to ensure it is prepared for any possible international conflict in the near future.

The nation’s military force shot another missile later on the same day from an island in the northwest of Russia with its complete focus on the target while the third missile was a nuclear rocket that was launched from a Pacific Fleet submarine in Northern Japan’s Sea of Okhotsk.

While the United States believes it to be an “indispensable” nation, Russia is all set to be registered as a nation with sufficient military prerequisites. Russia and the US have not shared a friendly bond since the Cold War and they continue to show the rift between them even in the 21st century because of US’s accusation of Russia of “war crimes” in Syria.

For quite some time now, it has been observed that Russian media keeps on attempting to know the mood of the public as far as the commencement of the nuclear war is concerned. “If it should one day happen, every one of you should know where the nearest bomb shelter is. It’s best to find out now,” Russian state-owned channel NTV reported.

While the deployment of missiles on the part of Russia is being considered as a World War 3 threat to the rest of the world, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu has claimed the activities as normal combat training maneuvers. “Scheduled activities of our operational and combat training are misrepresented as ‘alarming signals’,” he said as quoted by Express UK. “The ideas of a military threat, a new cold war or an arms race are being circulated. Of course it is not true.”