Whenever World War 3 is talked about, words like threats, deaths, etc. are heard. In light of this, the latest update on the matter is all about survival tips in case of a nuclear war.

The Turkey government has indicated major possibilities of the occurrence of the Third World War following Russia and the United States’ attacks and counter-attacks on each other. As a result, there has been a need for survival tips in this context. Amidst the fear of the global conflicts between the superpowers of the world, the tips might come as a relief for those who are already scared of the war that might take place anytime in the near future.

The Arms Control Association has confirmed that Russia possesses almost 7,700 weapons in service. Out of them, 1,548 are deployed on missiles and are operational at air bases. Hence, it is believed that the destruction caused by such nuclear measures would be beyond imagination. In fact, some of the American government authorities have predicted that the rate of casualties in case Russia used its nuclear weapons would be 80 percent from the blasts, hunger and diseases.

Here are the survival tips listed by Metro UK, which are expected to work even at the time of World War 3 nuclear attacks.

  • To prevent eye defects, don’t look directly at the blasts.
  • Identify sudden flashes and take cover to remain protected from weapons traveling by air.
  • If there are shelters nearby, getting indoors can help in surviving attacks.
  • Even if the attack is launched while someone is outside, he/she can take cover in a nearby building, etc.
  • One must try not to remain in nearby areas that are likely to be attacked. For example, the landmarks of particular cities and towns.
  • After the nuclear attacks, the air gets polluted. Hence to be protected from breathing harms, staying indoors can help.

The above-mentioned tips might prove helpful as Russia and America seems to be all set to face each other in the “inevitable” World War 3.