With everyone focused on the US-Russia relations, the conflict between Israel and Syria was ignored despite the fact that the latter dispute is more prone to lead to World War 3.

Israel has attacked Syria and launched multiple air strikes in the nation along with a bombing campaign. Israeli aircraft have hit areas near Damascus during the week’s second strike in the nation. According to Arab media reports, the aircraft decided to use Lebanese airspace to bomb Syrian militant group’s Hezbollah-bound weapons. The group has been fighting for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The aircraft attacked the Syrian army on Wednesday morning, claiming Damascus lives and damaging properties.

World War 3 – Details of the targets of Israel attack

The Israel Defence Forces has not yet taken responsibility for the attacks. It is a normal procedure, as the nation has never been seen claiming its liability whenever it comes to sensitive operations. The airstrike launch has reportedly been conducted on the nights of November 29 and November 30. The attack targeted the Damascus-Beirut highway in the attacks.

Syrian state-run Sana news agency said that the attacks undertaken by Israel are an effort to shift focus from the Syrian army’s achievements and enhance the downing of the morale of the terrorist groups. The news came following the rebel decline in Aleppo. Meanwhile, Israel’s National Security Council’s former head Reserve Major General Giora Eiland, according to Irish Times, said that Israel takes up military actions against a nation only when it realizes the red lines being crossed.

The Syria-Israel conflict will of course affect the US and Russia. The United States has always criticized the Syrian president’s ability to hold the top position in the nation while Russia has been a firm supporter of Assad. It will be interesting to see if Israel and Syria unite with the US and Russia respectively for World War 3 given to their mutual interest.

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