While some nations are uniting for global peace, others seem to have escalating tensions, thereby affecting friendly countries and leading to World War 3 predictions.

With Pakistan’s recent attack on India, the global tension has risen to a great extent. Where India is getting sympathy, the chances of the Third World War happening after the attack have increased. The Indian army has claimed that the attack was plotted and implemented by extremist group Jaish-e-Mohammad.

Uri in Jammu and Kashmir, India, is located 10 kilometers east of the Line of Control with Pakistan. The heinous attack killed 17 soldiers of the Indian army. Kashmir has been a bone of contention between the two nation for a long time. Even this time, the reason behind the attack was Kashmir.

India versus Pakistan tension is the latest reason that could likely lead to World War 3. Prior to this, conspiracy theorists noted the battle against ISIS in Syria could be the reason behind the next world war. In addition, Russia’s warning against NATO countries as well as the United States and Europe has also revealed its negative intentions on disrupting world peace.

On the other hand, Morning Ledger stated that analysts also believe that South China Sea dispute can lead to global tension. Even after the Permanent Court of Arbitration verdict that stated that China made false claims over the South China Sea, the nation has not given up and still continues to claim the sea. As a result, the claimants are not in good terms, which again can be a big reason for the beginning of the Third World War.

Recently, Taiwan has asked Google not to release satellite images of the South China Sea to keep the activities over there a secret.

The Indian Prime Minister has not missed a single opportunity to address the issue of terrorism across the globe and also called on Pakistan regarding the spread of terrorism at the recent G20 summit.