A rarely expected step has been taken by India in reaction to the Uri attack implemented by Pakistani militants, which has increased the possibility of the World War 3.

On Sept. 28 after midnight, a group of soldiers crossed the Line of Control between the two rivals and conducted a surgical strike to destroy suspected terrorist camps of the Pakistan. The military operation was kept secret until the commandos returned safely to India. No details on casualties have been provided as of yet but the sources have revealed that the numbers were double of that of India almost 40.

India’s planned action against Pakistan has raised the chances of the international conflict that might commence very soon. Pakistani group Jaish-e-Mohammad implemented the attack in which 17 Indian soldiers lost their life. The surgical operation by the Indian army came as a reply to the heinous attack conducted by four heavily armed men from Pakistan.

Indian military operations’ director general Lieutenant-General Ranbir Singh justified the act of the nation and said that it acted because the nation obtained reliable information regarding the locations of the terrorist units. On the other hand, according to the ABC, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif considered the surgical operation as an “unprovoked and naked aggression” by the rival nation.

The Third World War possibilities have not been indicated by these two Asian countries solely. Prior to this, Russian military threats for NATO as well as Europe have been continuously coming from top officials. Recently, a retired top official from NATO has warned the nations to be alert enough and start preparing for any national or international conflict.

Moreover, America and China are already in bitter terms on South China Sea claims. As a result, the world seems to divide into two groups for World War 3 or any international conflict that may occur soon. Whether China unites with Pakistan and US comes in favour of India or all the nations unite to fight against Pakistan, which has already started to be identified as a terrorist nation.