US Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been making controversial statements relating to foreign affairs, which is likely to lead to World War 3 if she becomes the president.

The verbal interactions of Clinton indicate that she is a warmonger and her incompetent attitude towards handling foreign policy effectively can be the reason being the Third World War. She said that she won’t hesitate in attacking Iranians if she became the US president. “I want the Iranians to know that if I’m president, we will attack Iran . . . we would be able to totally obliterate them,” she declared on July 3.

Besides this, Clinton also referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin as “the new Hitler,” which expressed her desire to obliterate Russia as well. The comment came from the US presidential nominee only after Russia annexed Crimea. This way, she managed to grab the support of the anti-Russians.

The understanding between the United States and Russia has been deteriorating these days. However, it is up to the US elections 2016 results whether the relationship improves or is completely dissolved. It is Clinton who employed Zionist neocon Victoria Nuland into the State Department to look at US participation in the Ukraine issue.

By doing so, the Democrat presidential nominee intends to create awareness against Russia and compel the capital’s European vassals to impose sanctions and target Russian borders by positioning military bases there. Such moves taken against Russia reveal Clinton’s intention towards enhancing the global tension, which will be the foolproof cause of World War 3 in case she wins the November US elections in 2016.

Adding to this, the support of US Ambassador to Indonesia Paul Wolfowitz’s for Clinton has raised doubts over her candidacy. The former, according to Global Research, is known for his lies that he used in high government positions, along with his way of handling issues that have caused death and destruction across the globe.

Wolfowitz has declared US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s peaceful approach towards foreign affairs as a “national security risk.” The reason behind this is that he feels the US can be strong and powerful only until it rules the world. His support for Clinton also indicates that the chances of World War 3 will increase if she holds the position of top US leader.