If there is a World War 3 scenario between Russia and NATO, the alliance will apparently have no chance of winning it against Vladimir Putin. The main reason behind is Russia’s super submarines.

Russia is reportedly getting a classified fleet ready for emergency situation. If there is a political emergency, it wants to make sure if ends up on the winning side of the table.

Naval experts warn that the secret fleet of super submarines, though small at the moment, is highly sophisticated. It has the capability to launch missile strikes around the planet.

According to Andrew Metrick, Russia’s nuclear powered submarines can dive more than several thousand meters. The co-author of the report for the Center for Strategic and International Studies finds the secret Russian mission “pretty scary.”

“It’s probably the most shadowy part of the Russian undersea apparatus,” The Sun quoted him as saying. “It’s not operated by their navy, it’s operated by a separate branch of their Ministry of Defense.”

According to reports, Russia already has the fleet secretly patrol across the globe. One may wonder if it is already preparing for the World War 3.

Reports also suggest that Moscow already violated UK waters as it moved toward the Royal Navy base in Faslane, Scotland.

According to experts, NATO does not have enough defense to stop Putin from doing whatever he wants to with the deadly submarines. The new death machines from Russia can now move more discreetly than ever. Those can dive deeper than ever as well.

Another important point to note is that the United States now has fewer submarines than it has ever had. The number is ever-declining. According to the report, NATO has all the risk of getting defeated by Putin’s secret underwater army if it does not improve its defense capabilities.

There will be nothing more devastating than a World War 3 situation. But, if it happens soon enough, the alliance seems to be in a weak position to defend itself.