Wonder Woman movie is the first female-led superhero film in over twelve years. It hopes to bring successful changes especially after criticisms on Batman vs Superman. The hype rises over the upcoming DC film as it features the striking personality of Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins, who’s the woman behind Thor 2.

Ahead of the movie’s release in 2017, the Israeli actress continues to tease fans what to expect from Wonder Woman. She hinted that Diana Prince will be different, naive and reckless in her standalone film. Likewise, she even added that she’s the best superhero around.

But how did this happen? Gadot said that she’s thankful for having Patty Jenkins as the movie’s director. Although reports mentioned that the movie had all-male writers, Gadot shared why having a female director made a difference.

“With Patty, it’s a thing now, we communicate with our eyes. She doesn’t need to say a thing. If I’m hurt, she feels the pain. It’s a whole different connection that I have with her. She’s also brilliant, she’s bright, she’s fierce, she’s sharp. She knows exactly what she wants Wonder Woman to be,” Gadot told Variety.

Moreover, Gadot teased Jenkins’ importance on the film. She explained that having a female director will have the best perspective to tell the story. “I think only a woman, who has been a girl, can be able to tell the story in the right way,” she added.

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Screen Rant noted that it took a very long time for Diana Prince’s story to be shown on the big screen. For Patty Jenkins, it seems Wonder Woman movie is a dream come true. She revealed that she had the negotiations for about 8 or 9 years. But surprisingly, she had the same vision with Warner Bros.

The Amazonian Princess is thousand years old yet Jenkins wanted it to be “not too complicated”. She wanted the film to be “a straight-forward origin tale, framed by a love story between Wonder Woman and Steven Trevor”.

Screen Rant further noted that this film is the second “true origin story” in the DC Extended Universe. With a highly-anticipated film like this, fans are expecting that the movie’s release will be worth the wait.

Wonder Woman will hit the big screen on June 2, 2017.