Despite the outstanding performance of US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in the five states on Tuesday, his victory seems to be far away when it comes to women’s support for him.

The contribution of the Republican women in the past few years in making the Grand Old Party appealing has been significant. But the arrival of Trump and his controversial comments on their input had torn down the strong base it provided to the GOP. On Tuesday night, Trump attacked Democrat candidate for 2016 US elections Hillary Clinton and said that her participation completely depended on the “woman card.”

Trump’s words might or might not have disturbed Clinton but it has definitely hurt female sentiments, thereby declining female support proportions for Trump for the 2016 elections. The support for Trump is significant but the lack of confidence from the women group is expected to harm his position. The lack of favour from that group is capable enough to decide whether the Republican candidate or his party registers a victory in US elections this year. Women constitute almost 51 percent of the population in the nation, which makes it even more significant for Trump to take them seriously for a continuous win.

The Guardian reported that almost half of the women population seems to be against Trump’s victory. “General election women voters think he’s abhorrent,” Our Principles Pac Chairwoman Katie Packer said, opposing the Republican candidate. “They think he’s a sexist. They think he doesn’t respect women and doesn’t really view women in any real way beyond their physical appearance. If the party leadership embraces Donald Trump as the general election nominee then I think it will damage our party for a generation.”

The Talking Points Memo cited an example of the 2012 US presidential elections where it was the gender gap that prompted the win of President Barrack Obama over his rival, Mitt Romney.