A woman jumped over the safety fence of a tiger enclosure in Toronto Zoo. She risked her limbs and life to get her hat back.

The footage shows that the woman after picking up her hat runs off and climbed back to the viewing area of the zoo. Meanwhile, the tiger is seen stalking the woman from behind a second fence as she was climbing back. It was looking up at her.

A man’s voice can be heard saying, “What is going on?”

Another said, “That’s the worst idea ever.”

The people present when the incident happened were upset by the act. After she has climbed back another fuming visitor called her a moron repeatedly She was also told that she had set a bad example for children visiting the zoo.


Toronto Zoo spokesperson Jennifer Tracey said, “It does set a bad example.”

She told Global News, “From that perspective we would encourage people to follow … zoo rules and just be conscious of your surroundings as well. Zoo staff is there to help, should there be anything like this happening in the future.”

She further stated, “She could have easily injured herself by exciting the animal in this way.”

She noted, “Not only could you have injured yourself, just by jumping over the boardwalk, but there’s stress that could be caused to the animal.”

According to Toronto Sun, zoo officials confirmed that they are investigating what happened exactly. They also urged people to inform the zoo authorities if they see anyone trying to enter an animal enclosure. Such person would face trespassing charges and would be banned from the zoo.

The zoo workers, on the other hand, said that if guests accidentally drop anything in the animal enclosure they should inform the staff so that their belonging can be retrieved with special equipment without the risk of any accident, reported 9news.com.au.

A few months back a Queensland zoo keeper was scratched by a tiger while tending to the animal.