Hugh Jackman is about to wear mutant claws for one final time in the upcoming Wolverine movie. Rumors suggest that producers are having a hard time looking for his replacement. But, a leaked casting call suggests producers might just retire the role entirely and bring in a whole new character to fill the gap he will leave soon.

According to, casting directors for the next Wolverine movie might be looking for a young actress to play Laura Kinney or X-23. “20th Century Fox [is] seeking an 11 – 14 year old girl to play the role of Zoe in a brand new movie!” the casting call reportedly read. suggests “Zoe” is merely a code name for X-23.

“Zoe” is described as “still a child, but a wounded badass, a pound puppy, raised in captivity in a time of battle, without support systems of normal childhood.” The comics blog pointed out that her backstory sounds a bit like X-23’s.

“She has no family, and until now, has never left the compound in which she was born,” the character description added. “She has an authentic intensity – her expressions and body language speak volumes, without words. Once released in the outside world, everything is new – every experience and every image a first.”

Super Hero Hype earlier speculated that X-23 might make an appearance in  “Wolverine 3.” Her character is important because she  was the mutant who took over for Wolverine after – spoiler alert! – Wolverine died in the comic books. Will her character function as Wolverine’s replacement in the movies as well? This has yet to be confirmed.

But Fandango previously did point out that director Bryan Singer said they might be bringing in X-23 as a character soon. “I have discussed that with the studio. I actually initially pitched the ‘X-Force’ and the female,” the director explained.