Wolverine 3 Update: Reavers Confirmed as New Villain [See Photo]

Wolverine 3

The Wolverine 3 has a new update that reveals the identity of villains. The official Instagram page for Logan has teased fans with a new photo of the long-rumored group of baddies known as the Reavers. Sources even handed out some new facts about the main villain, Donald Pierce, played by Boyd Holbrook.

The actor featured in the Instagram image is identified as David Kallaway by many publications. Captioned as “Reaver”, the post shows the actor aiming a large rifle at an undetected opponent.


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Who are the Reavers?

The comics definition for this group is frightening.  It is a group of criminal cyborgs determined to destroy the mutant X-Men. In fact, they specifically hate Wolverine. This group was a creation of Donald Pierce, so when he is in the movie, it is expected to see Reavers emerging in the scenario. The Wolverine 3 is loosely based on the Old Man Logan comic story, and Reavers were not part of the comics. This clarifies that the movie creators have drawn inspirations from multiple Marvel Comics stories.

Other Speculations about the Reavers and Donald Pierce!

Some sources believe that the Reavers may also be a hybrid of a group known as Strikeforce X. What makes the theory convincing?  David Kallway’s costume resembles the Strikeforce X costume from the Marvel Comics. As we mentioned above, the story of The Wolverine 3 might have drawn inspiration from several different popular comics. It is anticipated that Donald Pierce may also be a hybrid of multiple villains from the comics. However, the report is not yet confirmed.

Another photo on Twitter featured Boyd Holbrook on the set with US Army Veteran Matthew McClain. McClain will be seen playing a character known as “burned faced Reaver.” The photo also revealed that Donald Pierce will have an artificial arm, as he is seen wearing some kind of a brace, where his hand is covered by a green glove. A few images showed Matthew McClain along with other actors dubbed as Reavers, Justin LeBrun and James Rawlings, noted Movie Web.

What is the main motto of Donald Pierce and the Reavers?

It is said that Donald Pierce and the Reavers may have been assigned to locate Logan.  Earlier, many sources stated The Wolverine 3 plot is set in year 2024. It is a time when mutants almost ceased to exist.  The government is taking new initiatives to turn mutant newborns into killing machines.

To find out the fate of your favorite mutant superhero, you have to wait until The Wolverine 3 hits theaters on March 3, 2017.

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