Wolverine 3: Logan Plot Details and Script Excerpt Emerge!

Wolverine 3

After the big title reveal of Hugh Jackman’s last film as Logan, more details on Wolverine 3 emerge. This time, it’s not simply a rumor or speculation. Instead, the new details come straight from the film’s script.

A report from Comic Book Movie details that director James Mangold shared the image of the script on his Twitter account. The page reveals a fight scene involving Logan and the film’s villains. However, judging by the dialogue, the scene doesn’t seem to be the main conflict of the movie.

Nevertheless, it reveals key details such as dialogues and characters involved.

The highlight of that page in the script are “The Bangers”. Comic Book Movie describes the potential origin of this gang as follows:

“The Bangers are most likely a version of the Marvel Comics supervillain team who were formerly known as Nth Command, though their most prominent member, Henry Akai, doesn’t seem to be one of Wolverine’s attackers.”

It remains to be seen what the gang’s role will be in the movie, but you can check the excerpt in the tweet below.

Wolverine 3 and known details so far

In addition to the introduction of The Bangers, the script also reveals the film is adapting an older version of the character. As seen on the page, Logan is “older now and it’s clear his abilities aren’t what they once were”.

The description then reveals that given his deteriorating condition, he considered alcohol as a substitute painkiller.

Hence, this suggests that Wolverine 3 will delve more on Logan’s personality than any of the X-Men films before.

However, pursuing an older Logan brings back rumors that the film will feature the death of the character. Back in June, Bustle had an article detailing domain names that Fox bought for the film. One of them was “Death of Logan”. Although the article did not dismiss the fact that “death” could simply have a metaphorical meaning, it also considered the possibility.

Will Logan die in Wolverine 3? Answers await fans when the film releases on March 2017.

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