New details about the Wolverine 3 Logan movie hint at the rise of another Marvel villain who is infamous in the comic book series as a fierce antagonist of the X-Men.

Wolverine 3 Logan could possibly include the Marvel comic book villain Arcade. This is highly suspected given the recent Instagram post from wponx, which happens to be the official account for the Hugh Jackman starrer. His attire would seem like a giveaway. However, it is likely not many moviegoers would be familiar with his character.

Interestingly, Arcade does not possess any special powers or abilities like the superheroes he battles. Instead, he uses his intellect to the fullest. His specialty is the creation of Murder Worlds. He creates these customized environments of death based on the weaknesses of the victims he is hired to kill. His charge for each victim is only one million dollars. However, it is not about the money he earns from it.

“To Arcade, the game itself is more important than the expense, or even the winning,” according to Marvel Universe Wiki. The money to fund his creations comes from his vast inheritance, which he got after killing his wealthy father.

However, money was not the only thing he gained from it. Apparently, it triggered his desire to kill. Thus, he embarked on a career as a hitman for hire. Even though his choice of profession was not so successful, he considers himself as one of the best.

Yet what could be his possible connection to Logan? Well it would seem Arcade is not afraid to pursue challenges. Thus, his attempt to kill superhuman beings and mutants that would include the X-Men. Moreover, he seems to have unfinished business with Wolverine. Apparently, he tried to frame Wolverine for the death of Miss Locke.

However, he failed. Thus, could he be taking advantage of the Old Man Logan storyline to exact his revenge? Arcade is the second villain rumored part of the Wolverine 3 Logan film. Previous spoilers also hinted at the big bad villain Mr. Sinister.