If Hugh Jackman’s recent salt n’ pepper appearance is anything to go by, then production for “Wolverine 3” has already begun. His look has fans wondering whether the latest installment of the series will be an adaptation of the “Old Man Logan” comic book.

Hugh Jackman was seen shopping with wife Deborra-Lee Furness in New York City. He was spotted with the trademark Wolverine beard. The appearance has everyone wondering how far the new Wolverine movie will take from the Old Man Logan storyline.

Even though producer Simon Kinberg has not confirmed the plot, he did mention that it will be set in the future. Digital Spy reveals that the new movie will have Logan fighting the Reavers, a group of military cyborgs. Lady Deathstrike, a Reavers member, has an unsettled score with Wolverine. It remains to be seen whether the woman, who is strengthened with adamantium and cybernetics, makes it to the film.

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Collider states that producer Kinberg had promised fans that the movie will be different than the earlier ones. “It’s a very radical, bold, different ‘Wolverine’ than you’ve ever seen in any of these movies,” he said. The third part features a post-apocalyptic dystopian universe, informs ANN. Is that going to be in the near future? Villains Magneto, the Red Skull, and Dr. Doom have taken over the US. However, with Wolverine being a family man, he refuses to unsheathe his claws and unleash his fury once again.

The movie is said to be the last for Hugh Jackman and will set the stage for another younger “Wolverine.” Another ANN report indicates that Jackman has even made some recommendations for his role.

The film is being directed by James Mangold. Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook, Richard E. Grant, Stephen Merchant, and Elise Neal joins Jackman on the cast. It is scheduled to release in March next year.