‘Winds of Winter’ Release Date on April 2016; Story Finished 20 Years Ago?

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“The Winds of Winter” book of Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin may finally hit stores on April 2016.

In a radio interview with El món a RAC1 to Alejo Cuervo, he said the highly anticipated installment of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” book series has been planned for release next year.

Cuervo, who personally knows Martin, is the editor for Spanish publisher Ediciones Gigamesh, which owns the rights to Martin’s books, The Independent wrote.

In the interview which was translated to English by The Independent, Cuervo said: “They have promised us that they will give us the [Spanish] manuscript before the release date in English, but it won’t be a big difference.”

When the radio host pressed on and asked if Cuervo is certain that it will be next year, he replied: “Yes. Well, for sure… unless a meteorite falls.”

Martin had previously refused to give specific release date for “The Winds of Winter,” which GoT season six is supposed to be based on.

Martin also hinted that he may not write an episode for the upcoming season of GoT because he is currently tied up with “The Winds of Winter.”

Independent added Martin once said it took him almost 20 years to finish the book. “If I stay on schedule, I ought to finish A Song of Ice and Fire by the end of 1998,” he said in 1996. 19 years later, and the author has still yet to publish “The Winds of Winter.”

Meanwhile, Ian Beattie told IGN he had a chance to speak with the author in San Francisco earlier this year.

Beattie, who plays Ser Meryn Trant, said Martin told him several things about his character and what will happen in the upcoming season.

He declined to give any specific details but teased: “I do, once again, have my own theory that anybody who is alive at the end of book five but who met their fate in Season 5, I would be surprised if they didn’t catch up quite quick in book six … I do think somewhere down the line both the television series and the books will tie it all up very nicely for the fans.”

“Game of Thrones” season six will premiere on April 2016.

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