Windows 10 vs OS X: 7 Features where Windows Beats Apple

Microsoft’s Windows 10 has recently launched and naturally it will be compared to other operating systems such as the public beta version of Apple’s OS X El Capitan.

OS X promises worthy upgrade for Mac users however Windows 10 offers users just a bit more.

Here are some Windows 10 features that beat those in OS X.

1. Task View

Laptop Magazine described Windows 10 user interface as “engaging, compelling and customizable.”

OS X UI is easy to use because its Mission Control lets you see all of your open apps at once, according to Laptop Magazine. However, you can’t close the apps from the Mission Control view. In Windows 10’s Task View, you can close apps just by clicking in the X in the top right of the thumbnail.

2. Edge Web browser

The new Windows’ Edge Web browser allows you to scribble notes directly on Web pages, Yahoo Tech said. The new feature includes a digital pen and highlighter for writing notes on pages. Once you done writing your notes, you can save your work as an image file or share it with your friends.

3. Continuum Mode

Window’s new Continuum Mode allows users to use Surface Pro 3 like switching from Windows 7-style laptop to Windows 8-style tablet when you disconnect the Surface’s keyboard, said Yahoo Tech.

In comparison, Apple users need to have both their iPads and MacBooks if they want to have both a tablet and laptop.

4. Cortana

Apple has Siri while Windows 10 has Cortana. Both help users in their search through voice command. The difference is that in Windows 10, both your desktop and laptop PC can have Cortana. This means you will be able to search the Web and your PC using just your voice. In comparison, Siri is only available in handheld devices.

Cortana can also serve as your digital assistant, Yahoo Tech wrote. It can help manage your schedule, set reminders, get weather updates, and more.

5. Stream Xbox One Games

The new Windows 10 allows wirelessly streaming of Xbox One games directly on your Windows 10 desktop, laptop, or tablet over your home’s Wi-Fi network. This means you will be able to play your favorite game wherever you want.

6. Multitasking

OS X El Capitan offers “split view” with view of two apps at once side by side but Microsoft offers much more. According to Yahoo Tech, Windows 10 Snap feature can snap up to four apps.

7. Sharing and Social Integration

Windows 10 is versatile in this area, Laptop Magazine said. You can add Twitter and Facebook easily in Windows 10. Basically, if an app you download has a sharing “contract” with Windows, you can share data via that app.  In OS X, you can also get Twitter and Facebook but if you want more social sharing options, you can’t add them, according to Laptop Magazine.

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