Even before the much awaited official release of Microsoft’s newest Windows 10 on July 29, images of its new Twitter App has already made its way online.

The highly improved Twitter App for Windows desktops and tablets has been released on the Windows 8.1 app store, Win Beta reports.

“The new version of the Twitter app noticeably appears more in line with the new Windows 10 visual design sensibilities and brings with its new look several new features and a lot of functionality that has been lacking in the current app since it launched,” the site described.

Here are some notable changes on the New Twitter App, as noted by Win Beta:

  • The “Search and Messages” link with the existing “Home and Me” options are added, replacing the previous “Discover” option located on the left panel navigation.
  • The “Connect” link will now be known as “Notifications”.
  • The “Refresh” button is now added and can be seen at the bottom left.
  • The “New Tweet” button can also be seen with the “Refresh” button which was previously located on the upper right panel.
  • Inline images and videos are added both in the main timeline and in private messages.
  • Users can now “favorite, “share”, “follow” and “retweet” within the timeline.

Moreover, Win Beta added that these functions are already included on Twitter apps for other OS for quite some time now.

Since the release of the Windows 10 OS is almost here, Microsoft fans can now download the desktop and mobile preview. But before doing that, ASKVG listed the system requirements and other important information on their site.

Windows Central noted that the new Twitter App for Windows is not yet available. For the meantime, you can view the screen shot gallery here.