There is some good news flowing in for Windows 10 users; it appears that the new features are going to be “ground-breaking” and will “Change Everything.” With these words coming straight from the Program Managers, Windows users sure will be very excited.

According to a report on TechRadar, fans can expect these new features to be coming to Windows 10 very soon. As noted by Neowin, Rich Turner, Senior Program Manager on Windows, shared in a tweet, “Finally getting to play with new #Windows10 features. You are all gonna FREAK OUT when you see this.” The Senior Program Manager also shared on his LinkedIn profile, that he’s “delivering some ground-breaking new features in Windows 10”.

The statements are increasing the anticipation amongst users and naturally with no hints in sight, Windows fans will just have to wait for the D-day to arrive. Furthermore, Scott Hanselman, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Azure, ASP.NET, and Web Tools shared through his official Twitter account, “These features (I know what this is because I’m helping) are going to CHANGE EVERYTHING. No joke.”

The managers are definitely hinting at something big cooking behind closed doors. There is no idea of what can be expected other than the fact it may not involve Cortana. In response to one of Turner’s tweet, a Twitter user commented by suggesting that the he hoped the new features would not employ Cortana and hoped that it shouldn’t be revolving around the voice assistant. Quite sure, many users would like to see something path-breaking and may agree with the comments.

To this Turner responded, “Nope, no Cortana from me!” And naturally, this only amps up the curiosity another notch.

Users can expect more to be revealed at the Build conference, which only happens to be a fortnight way. More details may spill out giving a good idea of what’s to come and highlighting what fans can expect in the future.