Windows 10 Download: How to Turn Off Wi-Fi Sense Password Share

Windows 10’s new feature, Wi-Fi Sense, is making many people anxious because of its possible security risk.

Inquistr noted that Wi-Fi Sense allows PC users running on Windows 10 to automatically connect to a friend’s Wi-Fi network without having to know their password, and vice versa.

Once shared, all of your Facebook friends and contacts at Skype and will be able to automatically log in to your Wi-Fi network when their Windows 10 PCs are in range. This means your friend doesn’t need to enter your Wi-Fi network password to connect to the network, said CNN.

CNN, however, noted that although Microsoft allows Wi-Fi Sense by default on Windows 10, it doesn’t share your networks by default. You have to click the “Share network with my contacts” box when logging in so you can share your Wi-Fi network.

Microsoft assures that Wi-Fi Sense will keep your Wi-Fi network password secure by storing it on a Microsoft server and it will also be encrypted, according Windows 10 Wi-Fi Sense FAQs.

Windows 10 does not allow sharing access to corporate Wi-Fi networks that use complex security protocols, CNN added.

However, security expert still recommend precautions. said people tend to re-use the same passwords for everything, which means hackers can use this to their advantage to access personal data.

Business Insider wrote.

If you want to protect your data, you can turn Wi-Fi Sense feature off. If you don’t want Wi-Fi Sense to be able to use your Wi-Fi network, you can opt your network out of it by including _optout in the Wi-Fi network name, Windows 10 Wi-Fi Sense FAQ reads. also suggested some ways on how to secure your Wi-Fi network. Before you upgrade to Windows 10, change your Wi-Fi network name/SSID to something that includes the terms “_nomap_optout”. After the upgrade is complete, change the privacy settings in Windows to disable Wi-Fi Sense sharing.

Read here for complete Wi-Fi Sense FAQs.

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