The big win at the Nevada Caucuses has once again made Donald Trump the Republican frontrunner for the White House. Trump has been leading the Republican side in almost every national poll for the past six months, and this makes it all the more probable for Trump to become the next US President.

Questions were raised whether Trump would be able to secure a win with a broader electorate, following his victory in New Hampshire and South Carolina. But those speculations have been put to an end after Trump won big at the Nevada Caucuses, procuring almost twice the number his nearest rival Marco Rubio could manage. And Trump has also been spending less money on campaigns than all the other contenders.

A senior research fellow of the Research Associates, Inc. Nigel Bowles said that Trump is very likely to get the Republican nomination.

Dr Ursula Hackett, a junior research fellow in US politics at the RAI, said, “Opponents of Trump suggest that he has a natural ‘ceiling’ of support and cannot appeal to voters beyond less-educated whites. The Nevada result demonstrates otherwise,” the Independent quoted her as saying.

She added, “But Nevada could actually be most significant because of the effect on Ted Cruz. He had really invested in Nevada, and in its wake has received a lot of advice to broaden his support base. If these public queries cause Cruz to falter, Trump’s momentum will increase.”

When asked whether there is anything that may come in Trumps way to be victorious in the polls, Bowels said that either a grave tactical error in his approach or a narrowing gap between Rubio and himself, provided that Rubio manages to pull in all of Carson’s and Cruz’s support, can make him falter in his tracks.

The Guardian reported that the Republicans are now waiting for the Super Tuesday on March 1, when 11 states will go to polls, and is expected to have a significant impact on the race for the presidency.

“Clinton would be much the most powerful candidate against Trump provided that her weaknesses and vulnerabilities are contained,” Bowels said.