The White Ribbon Day campaign raises awareness for Australian men and boys to prevent violence against woman. The campaign asks all men and boys to swear to an oath that they will not harm their domestic partners in any physical way. With this recognised logo, men can buy white ribbons or wristbands committing to their oath each year on the 25th of November.

There are more than 100 ambassadors of this campaign who are quite powerful and well-respected in their industries. This encourages younger males to look up to these men and be influenced positively particularly about violence against any woman. White Ribbon Day site has revealed that 178,786 men have taken the oath and promised they will not violate any woman.

National Rugby League (NRL) clubs actively support this campaign by hosting events that highlight the campaign. They also shell-out donations annually.

NRL staff members and the executive team, along with Colm Maguire, CEO of Touch Football Australia will be hosting the Sydney’s White Ribbon Walk. The walk starts near the Prince of Wales Hospital and ends at Coogee beach.

The Canterbury Bulldogs will take part in the Lakenmba White Ribbon Walk and their will be short videos of players taking the oath which will be posted on their website.

Other groups such as Anglicare in South Australia have helped victims of violence by distributing over 1000 heart-felt messages. These simple messages target at men’s behavior towards women and spread the message of anti-violence. Chief-executive of Anglicare, Peter Sandeman said 2500 women who are victims of domestic violence will be supported every year by their organisation.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics personal safety survey and  the Australian Institute of Criminology have gathered some data showing that there are substantially more men committing domestic violence than women. It is over 3 times more likely for a woman to be a victim of domestic violence than it is for a man. Eighty-nine women have been murdered by their partners between 2008-10, meaning one woman died every week.

You can put a stop to violence against woman, dont be afraid to stand up.