Whatsapp for Android Update Gets Middle Finger Emoji

Whatsapp users on Android are introduced to several new features in the app’s latest update.

The roll-out has brought along new emojis, ability to customize notifications as well as a low-data mode for making phone calls through the app. Users may be aware that these upgrades were only earlier available on the company’s website and the changes have now made its way to the app on Android platforms.

The custom notifications on the new 2.12.250 version is applicable for groups as well as individual contacts. As noted by Tech2, users can now customize the tones, the pop-up notifications, the notifications light, the vibration, as well as the tone on the call notification.

Users can also mute individual chats as they did the group chats, since this feature was previously out only for the groups. Also, long pressing the messages gives the option to mark messages as either read or unread, another very neat and useful feature.

For those making calls through watsapp when using data will appreciate the low data usage update on the app. The option is available in the settings on the app, under Chats and Calls.

As reported by Mashable, the middle finger emoji is finally here and so is the Vulcan Salute. The two emojis are made available in different skin tones as well. As noted by the site, the Vulcan Salute is also available to iOS users, though it is not through the stock emoji keyboard.

There are also upgrades with regards to the contact card. When users now receive a contact card they can directly message the contact from within the app and also save the contact details.

This round of update is sure to make things a lot easier for many users, especially the low-data mode for calls, which may help cut down on the data cost as well as the ability to mark the messages read or unread. These much required upgrades for Whatsapp are now available on the Google Play Store.

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