Draymond Green claims that Russell Westbrook and players who reach the foul line with a lot of acting is one reason behind his kick to the groin of Thunder center Steven Adams.

The kick knocked down Adams in the second quarter of Golden State versus Oklahoma City in the third game of the Western Conference finals Sunday night. Westbrook then said that Green’s kick to Adams was intentional.

According to the NBA official website, Green said, “There are multiple plays where I did it later in the game when I got fouled and my right leg went up. I always do it. Russell said I did it on purpose, but he’s part of the superstar group that started all this acting in the NBA.”

Draymond Green even referred to an incident at the end of the second quarter when Westbrook was fouled by Green, leading to a kick. Green said, “Russell Westbrook kicked me at the end of the half. He just didn’t happen to catch me where I caught Steven Adams.”

Westbrook was not pleased with Green’s statements and called his moves “dumb”. He said that he has never been fined since he played in the NBA and that it was Green who kicked his legs out and not him.

The Guardian reported that Draymond Green was given a flagrant 1 foul and Adams later noticed that Green kneed him in the same location in Game 2. The foul was moved to a flagrant 2 and Green was fined $35,000 by the NBA. Green was not suspended and will still be in the game when the Warriors will play against the Thunder.

Coach Steve Kerr said that Draymond Green needs to refocus. He thinks that the latest game is one of his worst. Kerr said that what’s good with Draymond is that he has the ability to turn around. The coach added that Green could become a target of the game officials because of what just happened.