West Virginia and Nebraska Primaries: Trump Projected to Win Virginia? Sanders Leads Clinton

West Virginia

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has been projected to lead the West Virginia primary according to the exit polls. On the Republican side, Donald Trump recorded a comfortable win with an overwhelming number of votes.

Voters in West Virginia and Nebraska casted its primary ballots on Tuesday to choose their presidential candidates for both parties. Nebraska’s Democrats, however, was caucused in March and which gave Sanders a resounding win over Hillary Clinton.

With 17 percent of the state’s precincts reporting, Sanders is so far recorded to have secured 49 percent of votes with Clinton at 40 percent. Sanders is currently getting support from both men and women among the Democratic voters in West Virginia according to the exit polls.

Sanders is running strong with the independents, getting seven out of 10 votes. A third of the Democratic voters are independents compared to the 18 percent in 2008, CBS News reported.

“It’s an uphill struggle,” CNN quoted Sanders as saying on Tuesday in Stockton, California. “We have a chance to end up with a majority of the pledged delegates. And if we do that, I think you are looking at the Democratic nominee for president.”

Clinton, however, is leading in terms of the pledged delegates required to win the nominations. While the number of delegates for Clinton stands at 1,705, for Sanders it is 1,415. Also, in terms of the superdelegates that Clinton needs to record the win, she is just 155 delegates short of the required figure of 2,383, the CBC reported.

On the GOP side, Trump has been projected the winner of the Nebraska primary with 59.8 percent votes according to the exit polls. The double win on Tuesday would bring him closer to the 1,237 delegates he needs to officially win the nomination.

Ted Cruz floated the possibility of returning to the presidential campaigns if he wins the primary on Tuesday. Cruz suspended his White House run last week. He said he doesn’t expect to win the Nebraska primary but is leaving the door open nonetheless, The Hill reported.

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