Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wentworth Season 5 Cancelled Due to Piracy?

Wentworth Season 5 Cancelled Due to Piracy?


Wentworth remains one of the most critically acclaimed crime series from Down Under. However, ratings for the show have greatly been declining in the United Kingdom recently. Will this really force TV executives to ax the Australian crime drama soon? Will Wentworth Season 5 no longer push through?

The prison drama started out as an “audience favorite” when it premiered in UK a few years ago. However, the show has fallen on hard times in terms of recorded viewership. UK’s Channel 5 has even transferred the show to its digital counterpart, 5Star, earlier this week. Does this mean the series is one step closer to cancellation?

According to PremiereDate.TV, neither Foxtel nor Soho has confirmed if Wentworth Season 5 is still a go. However, the show’s ratings abroad really have declined. The show remains popular and well-received among its fans, though. Why then have their ratings declined?

According to News Australia, online pirates caused the sizable ratings drop. The series premiered to a 2.4 million strong British audience in 2014. However, last week’s episode didn’t even reach a million viewers. It reportedly only got an audience of about 110,000. Fans are not tuning in anymore, not because they’re no longer fans of the show, though. They’re reportedly no longer tuning in because they’ve already watched the series through illegal channels.

Viewers from the UK get Wentworth episodes two months after they premiere in Australia. Die-hard fans, who just can’t wait that long, have reportedly turned to pirated copies of the show online, which appear almost as soon as they broadcast in Australia. Will this really cause problems for the show moving forward?

According to Foxtel, it just might. In a statement, the company described piracy as “a serious problem in terms of recouping money to help pay for future seasons.” If this problem persists, the network might find alternative ways to make money off the series, including discontinuing the show altogether.

UK! The wait is over. #WentworthPrison returns to @channel5_tv Monday 27th June at 10pm for the season 4 premiere! #DontMiss #Wentworth #Channel5 #WentworthPrison

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Will the Australian TV network still push for a Wentworth Season 5? No word as of yet to confirm this. Stay tuned for updates.

  • Jessy231 .

    Hope that isn’t true! The show has been an Amazing Success so far. Hopefully it doesn’t affect the network in such a away that we can’t enjoy this anymore.

    • Brent Kats

      I watch it faithfully every week as far north as you can go “CANADA”

      if Wentworth is to be cancelled then the producers had better have an ending to the show . Not leave us faithful followers hanging out to dry.

  • Pitchsurfer

    Hey Rupe! How much are you paying your LAZY execs to sit around and whine to journalists about theft, when they should be out hawking Wentworth to other nations’ ntwks to air in the same 24hrs as AUS? Its the 21st century not 1985!

    • Azur D

      Well said, Pitchsurfer.

    • Richard D Lord

      I top that comment bro

    • Jeff Dow

      Exactly as if anyone is going to wait 2 months when they can jump online and grab it a couple of hours later lol these networks only have them selves to blame !

  • Jenna

    Wentworth wouldn’t be the first or last show to ever be downloaded illegally. My question is if cancelling the show is their solution, does that mean a heap of other shows will be cancelled too? There will be nothing to watch if this was the case.

  • What about Netflix I watched it on there…

  • Lesleyann Ritchie

    They can’t possibly cancel Wentworth, I love watching it, I even have the count down on facebook for when the next season is back on, here in Scotland we love it, we also lived the original prison drama that it is the sister of, ie prisoner cell block H, please don’t cancel it!!!!

  • Malena Stule

    Rupert, follow what the producers of GoT have done—near simultaneous international release. Also, strangely, there’s a big demand for official merchandise, and multi-region DVDs.

  • Bella

    It’s certainly not the fans fault. Everybody knows that Wentworth needs to be put on a channel which will actually broadcast the show and show how much of a fantastic show it really is. And putting it at a better time slot is obviously an easy fix. Instead of whining about it fix the problem because there is no way they would cancel one of the best television shows ever made.

  • Richard Phillips

    Who gives a toss what the uk ratings are we watch it here in Aus And love it

  • Darren Clowny Brown

    Channel 5, edit most of it. which is annoying because its on at 10pm so it is past the watershed. It also adds in to many ad breaks

  • Kay

    Well freakin’ make it available on Amazon or something. (For the record, I wait for Netflix, but I completely understand people who can’t.) I’d gladly pay per episode.

  • Richard D Lord

    I hear Foxtel subscription is super expensive for a series a week, might as well, stop the secrecy since now ourdays they are no more secrets we don’t know about, and just make it available worldwide at the same time! it might be cheaper but believe me more than 18 Million will tune in to watch it or subscribe to whatever digital media service you’ll go with either “Netflix or amazon ect….) Think about it guys it’s just the future of this business like it or not and guess what you’ll still get advertisers and sponsors. It is the way things are now….Evolve guys

  • ┏̲D̶̲̅┓utchess♥

    im from Toronto, Canada, and this is my show don’t play around.

  • RaveDave001

    There is a very simple solution allow Channel 5 to air it 24 hours after it airs on Soho, there is no need for a 2 month delay, it is things like this than encourage piracy.

  • Daniel Belleville

    well those of US in the United States can only get it online. unless we wait til its on nextflix a yr later. so WTF, damn networks go fuck yourself and bring Wentwoth to the US like Prisoner Cell Block H was back in the 80’s

  • Jessie Fraley

    I watch in the US on Netflix on the edge of my seat, I really hope Season 5 is not pulled. A lot of US viewers would be really upset 🙁