WATCH: Heart Melting Sign Language Chat Between Santa & a Little Girl

Santa Claus

When a little girl went to a local mall to sit on Santa’s lap, she was overjoyed to learn that Kris Kringle knew sign language, reported Inquisitr.

The sweet interaction between Santa and the little girl was captured on video by a bystander at a mall in Middlesbrough, England, Express reported. Her mother can be heard in the background, unseen, talking about her daughter’s special needs.

The little girl and mother are unknown, and the footage was posted on November 5.

The Santa on duty that day at the Cleveland Centre is probably the most authentic-looking imitation ever seen. With a honest-to-goodness white beard, not a fake one, a kind face, and wise glasses, even adults could be fooled into believing he’s the real thing.

In the brief snippet, the little girl plops down on Saint Nick’s lap with an excited look on her face. Then, her mother’s voice can be heard in the background after her daughter seems not to recognise that he’s trying to get her attention.

“She can’t talk very well,” she tells him, according to Huffington Post UK.

Without missing a beat, he asks whether she uses sign language. The mother replies yes, that her daughter can sign simple concepts like animals and the like, the Daily Mail noted.

No problem for Father Christmas. He taps the girl on the shoulder and starts a conversation with the child. The intimate interaction seems to delight her.

However, the Daily Mail reported that the youngster actually asked for a scooter, so for now, the true nature of their little chat shall remain private.

The Cleveland Centre posted the video on its Facebook page and received accolades from people who thought it was wonderful the mall had hired a Kris Kringle who knew sign language. In a comment to a local paper, a mall spokesman addressed the praise.

We believe the Cleveland Centre Santa is real and this truly shows the magic and spirit of Christmas, just like Miracle on 34th Street. He wants to make sure every child who visits really does experience what this time of year is all about. He will take his time with each and every child and will try and put a smile on their faces. He has been coming to the Cleveland Centre for four years now and this has got to the most truly amazing few minutes we have experienced.

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