The wait is over! Walt Disney Pictures and Lucasfilm have just announced that the first “Star Wars Rogue One” trailer will debut on Thursday (April 7) on “Good Morning America.” reported that “Star Wars: Rogue One” would be a heist movie about a group of bounty hunters hired by the rebel alliance to try to steal the plans to the Empire’s greatest weapon – the Death Star.

The secrecy surrounding “Rogue One” has been tight and perhaps more successful than on the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” wrote.  This will be the first stand-alone film in the Star Wars universe that is not part of the main saga trilogies, the site added. quoted producer Kathleen Kennedy saying:  “Rogue One takes place before the events of Star Wars: A New Hope and will be a departure from the saga films but have elements that are familiar to the Star Wars universe. It goes into new territory, exploring the galactic struggle from a ground-war perspective while maintaining that essential Star Wars feel that fans have come to know. Gareth is such an innovative director and I’m so excited to be working with him and the extraordinary ensemble cast he’s selected for ‘Rogue One.’”

“Star Wars Rogue One” stars Felicity Jones from the movie “The Theory of Everything.” She will be joined by Diego Luna (“Milk,” “Killing Them Softly”), Ben Mendelsohn (“Bloodline,” Mississippi Grind), Donnie Yen (“Ip Man,” “Blade II”), Jiang Wen (“Let the Bullets Fly,” “Devils on the Doorstep”), Forest Whitaker (“The Last King of Scotland”), Mads Mikkelsen (“Hannibal,” Casino Royale), Alan Tudyk (“Firefly”), and Riz Ahmed (“Nightcrawler,” “Four Lions”).

Check out this brief teaser preview “Star Wars Rogue One”

The first real glimpse of “Rogue One” does not really reveal much. noted that viewers could only see a squad of black Stormtroopers and an explosion in the background. However, this further excites viewers on what to expect in the first official trailer.

Gareth Edwards’ “Star Wars Rogue One”is set for release on December 16, 2016.

Meanwhile, Disney and Lucasfilm are also planning to release more spin-off films including a story of young Han Solo, which will be directed by Christopher Miller and Phil Lord. reported.