All the astronomical geeks, keep your telescopes handy as Mars will be near our planet earth after a decade on Monday, May 30. It will be visible at 5:35 p.m. EDT (2135 GMT). The Red Planet will reach 47.2 million miles from Earth.

Mars will be visible from the earth until next two weeks. Mars is in opposition to Sun when seen from earth, the view is going to be clear. Being in an elliptical orbit, planet’s opposition and proximity to Earth happen on different days. Last Sunday, the planet was in opposition to the sun and was approaching Earth.

Those who don’t have telescopes, don’t worry, the view will be clear from our eyes. But if you want a detailed view of polar caps and other surface details, then you would need one.

Now, what ? Slooh – an observatory community, will help you witness the rare opportunity clearly. It will be live streaming the sighting on their website at 9 p.m ET. Host, Paul Cox and Bob Berman, Slooh Astronomer, will help you understand the phenomenon. They will assist you in understanding Mars’ movement.

The community will use its solar system telescope, which is installed at Canada Island Observatory. The astronomers will be presenting more interesting facts about Mars.

“The size of Mars varies more than any other planet, and we’ve waited for a full decade for it to come this close and appear this large,” said Slooh astronomer Bob Berman in a report by Counsel & Heal.

“Throw in the fact that it’s the only other planet on which humans will ever walk and you can understand why everyone will be turning into this rare occasion,” he added.

Last time, Mars was closest to Earth on October 5, 2005. If you won’t be able to catch up the scene, you will have to wait till July 31, 2018, as both the planets will be 35.8 million miles from each other.