[WATCH] iPhone SE Endures Durability Tests

iPhone SE

Durability test videos and stress testing procedures by renegade consumers aren’t exactly new. In fact, with every new flagship smartphone from the likes of Apple, Samsung and LG, a new torture video surfaces. While it seems as if it’s a shame to see an $800 device go through the fire and flames as rocks and blenders, some clips are at least informative. Now, the recently unveiled iPhone SE is in the hot seat, and it may not be for the faint of heart.

Posted by SquareTrade Inc., the new video has already made the rounds in YouTube. First off, the folks tested the iPhone SE by sinking it under five feet of water. However, it wasn’t able to withstand the hazards of water as it immediately lost audio and “bricked” in less than a minute. This just won’t sit well for those who always brave the great outdoors. For comparison’s sake, the iPhone 6s survived half an hour underwater with only the audio malfunctioning during the test.

Next up is the tumble body test. The iPhone SE was put inside a rotating box to see if it can withstand scuffles and scratches. After 30 seconds, the handset came out with a couple of scuffing, although there were no damages on the display panel. The iPhone 6s came out unscathed during their tests, but the iPhone 6s Plus suffered the most damage.


The next test went on with a sidewalk drop. At six feet high, the iPhone SE’s display panel met its demise when it face planted on concrete. After a series of drops, the screen finally separated from the iPhone SE’s aluminum body.

For the bend tests, the iPhone SE was bent under 160 pounds of pressure. Despite its aluminum construction, it still suffered some minor bending. However, at 178 pounds, the handset gave out.

The iPhone SE may look like the cheapest offering from Apple, but it’s still expensive. What do these tests tell you? Better equip your handsets with maximum protection if you’re planning to keep your investments safe from daily hazards.

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